Ryan Bailey

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I'm an award-winning British journalist and TV presenter.

I'm based in the USA, where I currently write, produce and present for Bleacher Report, Yahoo's Dirty Tackle and KICK TV.

Outside of the beautiful game, I work for the likes of Men's Health, FHM, GQ, Time Out, Runner's World and Travel Channel.

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A bedroom cover of Eric Clapton’s ‘Broken Hearted’.

N.B. I’m not a left-handed player, the image is back-to-front for some baffling reason.  

Ryan Bailey proves himself as someone to really look out for - songs like ‘A Working Title’, ‘Blue Roses’ and ‘Meet Again’ are sublime stabs of genuine promise. The pretty melodies and understated simplicity have the same pleasant appeal of bands like Athlete, Turin Brakes or Travis.”

"Nothing short of a remarkable debut for Ryan Bailey. His musical and lyrical competence, along with his huge diversity indicates a bright future … right down to the artwork, ‘Joining Lines and Letters’ is as professional as you could want from a young artist.

Reviews of my debut album Joining Lines and Letters from UK Music Search and Courier Magazine

Luxuriously mellow, this is big, proud indie pop with showboating hooks and a fat rocking outro. Elbow with muscles meets The Verve with beats. With tunes like this [If I Had A Hi-Fi] could soon be the biggest musical sensation to come out of Southampton since Craig David put on his best jumper and opened his gob.

A review of the IfIHadAHiFi EP from Overplay.

Ryan Bailey’s charming tenor fits snugly within a comforting cocoon of catchy guitar riffs and a head-nodding rhythm section. What is this, the radio? These are the kinds of melodies that make children smile.

A review of the IfIHadAHiFi EP from download.com.